shinn - Shinn is a production and breakdancing duo formed by two fellow Zagrebgrounders, Shagam and Spinn, the name Shinn being a portmanteau of their two respective names. At first they were making music only for themselves, but as the time went on, and as they became more confident in their music,...

shinn - new live - preview

thelight - Duo of creative visual artists Branka Radonić and Vjeran Čengić aka mitzekzwieran. Duo actively works as painters and illustrators, and exhibits on many solo and group fine arts exhibitions, also works as designers, CG illustrators and 3D graphic designers. In year 2009. started Studio 3Divine...

thelight - zagrebground

lumber-jack - Krešo Tusić aka Lumber-Jack, DJ and producer. His first release on vinyl was the track "Prva Jutarnja" on Pero Fullhouse's label, Alfaritam, in 2003.

lumber-jack - can't stand on my foot

ubik - DJ Ubik, under the influence by bands Kraftwerk, Prodigy, Depeche Mode,etc.. in year 1997. started his DJ career at private parties in the club "Arka" in the upper town in Zagreb, and there he has his first gig. Together with his buddies, DJ's (LePhre, Dux, DeFacto, Lucas Leiner, Matija...

ubik - last call

spn - "Notoriously boring." "I wish he'd just go away." "I wonder if it's too late to get my money back?" "THESE PRETZELS ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY!" These are just some of the things people have said after hearing one of his sets. Spinn's story is a fairly standard one. Got drawn into the electronic...

spn - live@deep.zg141213

shagam - Party promoter and organizer, entrepreneur, warehouse master, producer and the taller half of the breakdance/live act duo, Shinn. Shagam started producing music in 2001.

shagam - magenta alkko hal

luka313 - Worthless insignificant person. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

luka313 - House Couture

oliver - Born in 1980. and lives in Zagreb. At the age of 9. he has been paying greater attention for music, since his father was in music professionally as a pianist it was unavoidable for him not to follow his steps one way or another so he took lessons in guitar and started singing. At the age of 21....

oliver - funkshun (with spinn)


spn, 01/06/15 - 03/06 - Spinn & Arsen Pavešić @ Masters

spinn, 06/09/14 - 12/09 - Deep.zg is finally back at Masters w/ Andlar live, dBart, d°gree and Shinn

spinn, 16/07/14 - 19/07 - Tech.zg@One4One w/ Ubik&Spinn

spinn, 12/05/14 - 17/05 - We're kicking off a new series, Tech.zg, at One4One w/ Mataya, Ubik & Spinn

spinn, 17/03/14 - 28/03 Deep.zg @ Masters - "Fifty Shades of Deep" w/ yunnanSound, dBart, D°gree & Luka313

spinn, 09/12/13 - 14/12 Deep.zg @ Masters - "A fistful of deep" w/ Anna R & Leclerc, D°gree, Shinn live & Spinn

spinn, 03/09/13 - 06/09 - Deep.zg @ Masters w/ Hrwo E, Luka313 & Spinn

spinn, 22/07/13 - 26/07 - Deep.zg @ Masters w/ Spinn allnighter

spinn, 29/06/13 - 29/06 - Deep.zg @ Masters (dolje) w/ Spinn & Luka313

spinn, 12/05/13 - 31/05 - 5 years of deep.zg w/ The Messenger, Mataya, Shinn line, Luka313 & Spinn

ubik, 30/10/12 - oj, Neki staro/novi mix je vani. Check it out!

spinn, 08/10/12 - 26/10 - Deep Cycles @ Masters w/ D°gree, Mi Theaki and Spinn

spinn, 06/10/12 - New mix up, "Dubwise"

shagam, 12/09/12 - 14/09 - Zagrebground meets Bar Code @ Bar Code Caffe with Shinn livePA and Spinn

spinn, 23/08/12 - 23/08 Deep.zg / Downstairs Edition @ Masters with 60nine, Luka313 & Spinn

spinn, 18/07/12 - 28/07 It's been a while, but Deep.zg is back at Masters with Sasha Murgic, Dospor&Bardanelly live, Luka313 & Spinn, starting at 20h

spinn, 08/07/12 - 13/07 - Deep Cycles @ Masters (dolje) with Spinn & D°gree, starting at 20h

spinn, 06/07/12 - 06/07 - Deep Cycles is back at Masters with Spinn & D°gree

spinn909 via twitter, 17/06/12 - New mix up, "Traces"

spinn, 17/06/12 - 22/06 - 60nine's RoDJ @ Masters with Zoran Relić, Matija Tonković aka Mataya & Spinn


Zagrebground is a collective of Zagreb-based VJs, DJs and producers of electronic music with a main focus on a characteristic, deep, underground sound. The collective currently holds a residency in club Masters in Zagreb with a programme called Deep.zg.